Ataturk Cultural Center

Project Detail

Designed by Tabanlıoğlu Architecture and having a construction area of ​​95.600 square meters, Atatürk Culture Center is considered as two sections. At the location where the former AKM is located in the first section, the Opera Stage, which resembles a red-colored sphere and can be seen from Taksim Square through the transparent exterior of the building, and in the area extending to the old parking area; There are theater halls, exhibition halls, rehearsal rooms, meeting rooms, foyers, ticket sales offices, cafe-restaurants.

It is aimed to revive Taksim Square with the project designed to win one of the world's largest and highly qualified cultural and artistic centers, with its additional structures that are effectively located in the place where the old AKM is located and provide conditions that the public can use intensively. In addition to preserving the scale, mass and façade design of the old AKM, the building is handled with modern interpretations of the original ceramic designs, and it is adopted as important architectural tools in the renovation of the common memory, keeping the details in the material preferences, protecting the Sadi Diren wall, transfering the stairs and railing to the new project. .

Project Information

  • Construction Type : Ongoing Projects
  • Location : Turkey
  • Construction Zone : 95.600 m2
  • Year of Completion : 2020-
  • Architect : Tabanlıoğlu

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